ZE Project is a collaborative initiative that strives to empower diverse gender individuals offering equal opportunities and consideration in the global work force.

Did you know?

Only 10% of the countries in the world have already allowed people
to amend their gender to a legalized non-binary or third gender identification on their passport.

Bangladesh is one of them ūüáßūüá©.

But beside that recognition, Hijras, Transgenders, Intersex community are still systematically excluded from mainstream job market, as a result they are beeing deprived from all basic human rights.

ZE Project is working to address these unheard needs.


Although the¬†pronoun¬†¬ę¬†ze¬†¬Ľ tends to be thought of as gender neutral (and many people find¬†pronouns to be an important affirmation of identity), a person who goes by ¬ę¬†ze¬†¬Ľ could actually be a man, a woman, both, neither, or something else entirely.

Our missions are

To bring awareness on diverse gender identities and facilitate their inclusion in society

To do skills mapping, promote training and self development into this precise community

To encourage recruitment of diverse gender individuals and make them considered as equal in the global work force.

To expand those goals worldwide.

ZE Project

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Latest news

Awareness session – French School

Awareness session – French School

ZE Project organized an awareness session at the French School of Dhaka for the students.   An awareness session took place at the French School of Dhaka on May 14, 2023. There, we discussed the...

8th CV and skills mapping workshop

8th CV and skills mapping workshop

A CV-making and skills-mapping workshop took place in collaboration with Jessore CBOs. Ze Project is trying to reach out to the communities that get less opportunities in the sub-district and union...

7th CV and skills mapping workshop

7th CV and skills mapping workshop

7th CV and skills mapping workshop with the transgender men was about the current challenges and possibilities concerning the existing Employability options:   Over the last three years, the ZE...