7th CV and skills mapping workshop with the transgender men was about the current challenges and possibilities concerning the existing Employability options:


Over the last three years, the ZE Project has raised awareness amongst both employees and employers about the importance of including a gender diverse community at work having a focus on equal economic rights. On May 19, 2023, a creative workshop was arranged for the transgender men with an intention to groom them about how to take part in a new job where they will feel welcome and validated despite their gender choice. This time, there were ten participants who attended the workshop and shared their sorrows, struggles, hopes and ambitions associated with a new job.  According to them, gender diverse communities are facing high levels of stigma and discrimination as NGOs and civil society organizations are not properly aware of their struggles, capacity and prospects. In the workshop, participants received training on how to create an attractive CV and how to professionally go about the interview process. They shared their current job experiences and challenges they faced with each other as well. Through the discussion it came out that some of them require jobs right at this moment, and some are interested in starting social small businesses.  It was overall a very knowledge and experience sharing and capacity building workshop which seemed to not only motivate but also energized and implanted a sense of hope in all of them.