About Us



Cynthia Bhuiyan

Cynthia Bhuiyan is a garments businessperson and Transgender activist. She has been working for the economic empowerment of the Hijra and Transgender persons for the last 15 years and has created more than thousands of employment opportunities for the Hijra and Transgender persons. Ms. Bhuiyan is one of the most successful Transgender business owners in Bangladesh who has been working with all the mainstream clothing brands in Bangladesh and have made her own spot in the Bangladeshi garments industry.

Maruf Rahman

Maruf Rahman is a social justice activist and researcher, and working in the field of Gender and Sexuality for last 10 years. In his career, Mr. Rahman has designed, led, and implemented a number of advocacy projects and research work for various national and international organizations. He is a member of several national and international advisory groups and has received a number of fellowships and awards for his outstanding work in Bangladesh.

Mohammad Rofiqul Islam

Mohammad Rofiqul Islam, or Royal, has been working for the last 25 years with the gender diverse community about art, health, human rights, and workplace inclusions. He creates concepts and designs logos for Bangladesh’s first Hijra Pride. Royal is closely working with the national HIV program and the National Human Rights Commission, and he has abundant experience at the international level.

Reefat Munmun

Reefat Munmun, specializes in teaching Bangla and English as a foreign language, heading the Bangla Language Wing (BLW) at IUB. A Fulbright Scholar, studied and taught at Indiana University,USA. Attended Chayanaut and graduated in “Tagore Song”. Additionally, she is a certified ‘Mental Health First Aider’ (MHFA) and trainer, and is engaged into various creative teaching and grooming techniques and mental health projects. She is the founder of a mental health platform named the Healing Station.

Shale Ahmed

Shale Ahmed is the Executive Director of Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu), a community-led organization working human rights, quality health and SDRHR, livelihood and sustainability of the people from diverse SOGIESC community of Bangladesh since 1996. Mr. Ahmed is a member of several national and international advisory groups and has received a number of awards and fellowships for his outstanding work for the SOGIESC population in Bangladesh. Under the leadership of Shale Ahmed, Bandhu’s service model has been acknowledged as the best practice model by UNAIDS and Amfar Foundation USA.

Tahsina Ahmed Riya

Tahsina Ahmed Riya is a young transgender woman who has been working with transgender issues and empowerment since 2017. She has been a spokesperson for the community in social media and television shows. Riya is has a diploma degree in Textile Engineering and currently she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in apparel manufacturing technology while also working as a merchandiser for Croydon Kowloon Design LTD.