CEO Fashion Theory

Ghislain HENNO

Former Head of Global Sourcing

Anne-Laure has been living for more than 10 years in Bangladesh, and have 20 years of experience, in Design, sourcing and managing offices. She created Fashion Theory, from Concept to Reality. Her aim is to change the way we source garments and brings new approach for her client.

Ghislain has been living in Asia for 13 years and 5 in Bangladesh. Thanks to his travel all around Asia, and expertise in Pakistan and India, he joined with Fashion Theory to embrace its vision.

Fashion Theory wants to support all gender identity. Diversity and inclusion are the best ways to success for companies and civil society.

We have therefore created a program to boost inclusion of third gender in the textile industry.

It is important for us that this program is a non-profit certification and that it will be manage and drive by the local NGO which have been working for years on this subject.