Expansion of the ZE Project: Empowering Chittagong with Economic Opportunities

The ZE Project firmly believes that economic stability is a prerequisite for gender-diverse individuals to attain a sustainable future and a high quality of life. Following the successful expansion of the program in Jessore on October 1, 2023, the ZE Project further extended its employability program to Chittagong through a collaborative effort with the « Pathchola Foundation. » The project’s core focus has always been on reaching out to participants on the periphery and equipping them with context-based skills to advance economic progress and stability.

A prominent initiative of the ZE Project, the « Career Building Workshop » under the « Would you hire me? » campaign, was conducted in Chittagong. This workshop drew participation from 11 young individuals representing gender-diverse communities, including indigenous groups. Throughout the workshop, participants learned how to create compelling CVs, master interview techniques, enhance their communication skills, and effectively navigate various job market platforms to excel in job interviews. The feedback from participants following the workshop was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing gratitude for the invaluable skills and knowledge gained to kickstart their careers. The ZE Project extends its appreciation to the Pathchola Foundation for their invaluable partnership, collaborative efforts, and vital local support in making this initiative a success.