Exploring the economic rights of the gender diverse community in a competitive Job Market

Employers are always looking for highly skilled and professionally skilled people to help grow their companies. While hiring they also keep the traditional gender sensitivity in mind. So, people from gender diverse communities are most of the time unable to comply with mainstream jobs due to their versatile identities. Besides so, members of the gender diverse population unfortunately drop out of the education institutes due to high levels of stigma, trauma and discrimination. Following which it becomes harder to find new jobs suiting their capacity levels. These were some of the topics discussed during the 9th CV-making and skills-mapping workshop which was conducted on June 8, 2023, by the ZE Project at the ZE Project office.

There were 8 participants from different backgrounds attended the workshop and learned about gender diversity, current job opportunities, and how to make a smart CV to meaningfully connect to the employers. They also had a session on how to prepare and perform before, during and after a job interview and create a positive impact on the employer to ensure further connections and growth. After the full day session, participants provided a lot of positive feedback about their learnings from the workshop. One of the participants, Bappy said,  » We learned a lot of things related to facing a job interview. I believe this workshop will help us prepare for a new job skillfully. »