Gender awareness: Training Collaboration with Otto International

In 2022 (June to August), ZE Project successfully organized five awareness training for the employees in the Bangladesh Liaison office of Otto International (HK) Ltd. All of these trainings were very interactive where participants got a detailedunderstanding of gender diversity and also had the experience to interact with the successful individual from the Transgender and Gender Diverse community to understand their life and the challenges they face in the employment process. It also helps the participants to understand the key factors to create a trans-friendly and inclusive workplace in the mainstream job market.

After successfully completing the training, one of the participants said that I would like to welcome the transgender person as a new joiner. My attitude to the transgender person as a new colleague will be exactly the same as it is for my other colleagues”. Another participant said, This was a great session for me because now I have a detailed idea about Hijra and Transgender issues.

Otto International also wished to create employment opportunities for Transgender and Hijra persons in the future and they are also sponsoring the education cost of one Transgender woman. We believe many more other companies will come forward to support the Transgender, Hijra, and Gender Diverse communities to bring them into the mainstream of society.