Gender session was conducted with the students of our newest partner, LEF for LIFE Org.

The ZE Project is steadily expanding its network of partners and allies in an effort to raise public awareness of gender diversity. Recently, the ZE project and LEF for Life began working together and exchanging knowledge in order to strengthen social support and develop human resources for both organizations’ projects. In order to assist the LEF for Life students’ mental health wellbeing, the ZE Project also intends to hold a number of art therapy sessions. The project held a session on « The Context of Hijra, Transgender, and Gender Different Communities in Bangladesh » on March 29, 2023.The classes were attended by 12 young and adolescent male students. Students participate in creative activities and have a lot of inquiries about gender diversity. « Before this session, a student said I was so afraid to see the Hijra people, but now that I’ve had the gender session, I understand what gender diversity is, and I’m inspired to assist them. We conducted a gender session as the first step in our cooperation with LEF for Live, and we are hopeful that it has opened up many more opportunities for partnering in the future.