Going hand in hand to accomplish integrating gender diversity at workplaces!

A major focus of the ZE Project is to « Leave no one behind » (LNOB) which showcases the central and transformative agenda of 2023’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is unfortunate that the Hijra, transgender, and gender diverse communities are mostly debarred from attaining their economic rights. Institutions, biological families, social support, and allies are yet to welcome the inclusive gender policies at the workplaces and surroundings. This exclusion causes a lot of challenges resulting into them not being able to apply for an internship anywhere, access a new job, and even start a small business of their own choice. Therefore, ZE project is committed to create an empowering environment which will engage the existing variety of business links helping them create new acquaintances at the local, national, and global level. Ze project is hopeful that this effort will help create an environment where the gender diverse community finds opportunities as they like, the diverse gender population experience existing in the mainstream, and finally all of that can contribute to the larger economic development of Bangladesh.

Following so, ZE Project has recently initiated its partnership with the SAJIDA Foundation and as the first step going forward they have conducted a very successful and immediately effective Gender awareness session under the campaign called Would You Accept Me?  The session titled Understanding the Context of Transgender, Hijra, and Diverse Gender Communities in Bangladesh took place on July 20, 2023, where seventeen employees from the management of Sajida Foundation took part. ZE project received a lot of thoughtful feedback in the end. SAJIDA Foundation committed to exploring the partnership opportunities more while arranging for more collaborative sessions for the employees. ZE Project handed over the 1-star certificate to the management of the SAJIDA Foundation. A huge congratulation to SAJIDA Foundation for taking this honor home. We look forward to seeing them include the gender-diverse individuals at their workplace and create an inclusive gender platform.