Moumita Hiya completed ToT on « Gender Diversity » and took responsibility as a trainer in Rangpur


The ZE Project has always thought about promoting gender diversity and creating our own resources based on context. The ZE project also utilizes existing knowledge in better ways. There was a nine-month plan to create a local trainer in Rangpur for the conduct of « Gender Awareness Sessions » with the support of LP4Y. Every three months, the ZE project conducts a session. There will be three sessions conducted between September 2022 and June 2023. The ZE project closely mentors Moumita Hiya (a transgender woman) and supports her in learning to conduct « Gender Awareness Sessions » and completing the ToT (training of trainers). The last session was June 13, 2023, and throughout the session, Moumita Hiya took over the responsibility to continue the session in Rangpur. In the session third session, 40 young and adolescent girls learned about gender diversity and their human rights. A girl « I was so afraid before the session; I had had very bad thoughts about transgender and the Hijra community. But after the session, I really felt the release that I knew I was motivated to make a friend from the Hijra community and love working as an advocate for them. »

I On behalf of the ZE Project, we congratulate Moumita Hiya for this success and wish her all the best for her future training activities.