Saturday Market: An Opportunity for Our Community to Generate Income
We continuously work to support the community in defending their economic rights by raising their income so they can function in modern society. We are always looking for partners and venues where the community can profit and establish connections for their continued economic growth. On March 25, 2023, we were able to arrange for the British Club to set up a business table in Dhaka where four budding young transgender entrepreneurs could show off their handicraft creations. In addition to advertising my goods, Aurovi claims that she is also promoting herself, expressing her gender, and educating customers about who she is. Community interacts with the various business organizations through the Saturday Market, expanding the business network. Also, they pick up fresh concepts and discover how to build inventive and imaginative organizations. The ZE Project thinks that through interacting with various project communities, it is improving not only just sales or revenue but also the visibility of the gender-diverse community.