Second Gender Awareness Session with LP4Y in Rangpur

Collaboration of the ZE Project with Life Project for Youth (LP4Y) to learn from each other about raising gender diversity awareness in Dhaka and Rangpur, green village. The ZE Project took action for follow-up support at a second gender session on « Understanding the Context of Transgender, Hijra, and Diverse Gender Communities in Bangladesh » on February 1, 2023, in Rangpur, Green Village with new students. In the session, 33 young girls aged 16 to 26 took part, as did three coaches on behalf of the management team. As a result of the session, participants learned about gender diversity and the limitations of their daily lives in order to survive. Participants also learn why Hijra, transgender, and gender diverse communities require inclusion in the labor market and the strategies to include them at the workplace. « We learned a lot about the Hijra and transgender communities from the training, » said Mancura Mohona of the Finance Office. « Now we feel that Hijra and transgender people should be treated equally with other men and women. » The management of LP4Y plans to dialogue with their global team to include hijra and transgender people based on context.