In Bangladesh, transgender, Hijra and intersex people drop out of educational institutions before they reach primary school. They are unable to obtain mainstream jobs due to a lack of formal and technical education. On the other hand, even if they get a job, there is a lot of stigma and discrimination against them. They are denied the opportunity to establish themselves socially, politically and economically due to the negative attitude of the general population towards them. As a result, says the representative of Hijra, transgender and intersex individuals work in low-quality jobs and engage in sex work, especially because they are undervalued in the labor market. Ze Project includes transgender, Hijra, and intersex people in the workplace and works to create a smooth environment for them. Job skills and formal education are of the utmost importance to getting a job. So the Ze project is trying to create opportunities for skills training, professional courses and continuing formal education through sponsorship.


We are very grateful to our partner, FASHION THEORY LTD., for providing sponsorship to our candidate, Tahsina Ahmed Riya for completing a 6-month long professional course in pattern making.


And we are grateful to OTTO INTERNATIONAL (HK)LTD. Bangladesh liaison office for providing sponsorship to our candidate, Yasin Ahmed Sokal for completing his bachelor in fashion designing.