The CV and skills mapping workshop brought results: two candidates started jobs at a big company.

The 5th CV and skill-building workshop teaches us how to collaborate with more businesses and organizations to include our community. Seven participants attended our CV workshop on February 17, 2023, and we received 12 CVs from the Dhaka and Rajshahi divisions. In the workshop, participants learn how to create an attractive and informative CV, share their limitations with regard to getting access to business organizations, and get a job. This workshop is focused on the job market and its limitations for Hijra, transgender, and gender diverse individuals, specifically on corporate and NGO platforms. We began the workshop with a briefing on gender diversity and expression, building professional behavior in our community, and how to create an enabling environment in the workplace based on inclusion. Tultul quote « I am lucky, and I started working at Green Smart Shirts Ltd. thanks to the recommendation and support of the ZE Project; after getting the job, I felt I was living a dignified life in mainstream society, » community speaker Iccha Naz says. « The ZE Project created my CV, and I felt my interview was easy because I learned how to face a job interview through the ZE Project workshop. » « I am pleased that I began my job as a trainee officer of marketing and merchandising. » We hope that the ZE Project will continue to advocate for gender diverse communities’ economic rights by more effectively engaging the private sector through a CV and skills mapping professional session.