The second gender awareness session was completed with the students of LEF for Life.

Young girls are consistently denied access to social and personal education. They live with incorrect assumptions about the biological body and social gender because they lack understanding and access to information. Girls are unable to develop the necessary social and personal understanding to deal with sexual and reproductive health and rights because of incorrect beliefs and a lack of awareness about those rights. If they lack knowledge of good touch? And a bad touch? On April 12, was the initiative held a gender awareness seminar titled « Understanding the Context of Transgender, Hijra, and Diverse Gender Communities in Bangladesh » in the LEF for Life conference room. The session was attended by 35 diverse young and teenage girls, who discovered gender variety. at the meeting. The biological body, sexual and reproductive health, gender issues, and development and empowerment were all discussed during the event. The girls gave encouraging feedback about gender diversity at the session’s conclusion. They said that they are currently prepared to accept intersex, transgender, and Hijra people. Many incorrect assumptions about the body, gender diversity, and social justice existed prior to the session, but they have all been corrected now.