TOT Graduate Moumita Leads Gender Awareness Session in Rangpur 

Moumita Hiya, a successful Train-the-Trainer (ToT) graduate of the ZE Project, is leading gender awareness sessions in Rangpur. The ZE Project recognized Moumita’s dedication and enthusiasm as a young transgender individual committed to promoting social change and inclusion for the Hijra, transgender, and gender diverse community. Despite resource constraints, the project strategically started receiving supports from existing resources, such as Moumita.

Moumita was equipped with knowledge and skills by the ZE Project to become a valuable asset, and she is now conducting gender awareness sessions in Rangpur, representing the gender diverse community as a ZE volunteer. In a recent session on September 14, over 30 participants attended, and Moumita conducted the session independently for the first time. The session was transformative, dispelling myths and fears about the transgender, hijra, and gender diverse communities. Participants left with a newfound understanding and a commitment to share their knowledge with others.