Title: Hijra and transgender students expect high education abroad: findings of the 6th CV and skill mapping workshop

Hijra and transgender students showed interest in getting higher education abroad. They also required assistance with getting soft skill development. According to this discussion held on April 28, 2023, during a CV and skills mapping session organized by the ZE Project in Dhaka, « many transgender individuals drop out of schools and universities due to high levels of stigma and discrimination said ZARA » The gender identities of many transgender individuals are concealed. In the workshop, facilitators discussed how to make a creative CV, appointing a job, facing the recruitment process, and opportunities for higher education with the participants.

« We require a thorough, integrated school system that provides transgender students with a stigma-free environment for their educational growth said SNEHA ». Education is the key factor in getting a respectable job. Participants complain that their knowledge has been disregarded by instructors, fellow students, and school administration. Participants were asked to look into the possibility of connecting transgender people with higher education overseas and to take steps to make educational institutions more hospitable to them. Additionally, they asked us to make a suggestion for those who need financial assistance to continue their education, as well as to offer to take action to improve the gender awareness training sessions at local, national, and international organizations.