Ze Project jointly organized an open discussion in collaboration with Fashion Theory on intersex issues to celebrate the Intersex Awareness Day in Bangladesh on 26 October 2022 at their project office. About 40 staff participated in the event. We found there is a dilemma between Hijra and Intersex people in Bangladesh.  So, we arranged an open discussion session with intersex people and the colleagues of Ze project to make them understand the reality and truth about the intersex struggle in Bangladeshi society. 3 intersex activists from Born In This Body Noor Alam, Md. Parvez, and Yasin shared their life realities among the audience from different professions and replied to the questions asked by them. Ze Project also produced a short video about the experiences and posted it to social media. This is one of the baby steps taken by the ZE Project to create awareness among a mass of people about the rights and existence of Intersex, Hijra, Transgender, and Gender Diverse persons..